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Who are we?


Spoonie is a UK based fashion brand that, yes you guessed it, is run by a multiple chronic illness sufferer with a passion for change and to support people. We are the first of our kind, meaning that all of our products are designed, manufactured and fulfilled with all of you lovely spoonies in mind.

Our Founder



Spoonie Founder Jessica was just an ordinary 20 year old girl from Norwich until she was diagnosed with a suspected Viral Myositis attack in the winter of 2015. After multiple misdiagnoses, treatments and medications, Jessica was enlightened as to how little support there was to chronic illness sufferers and so actively campaigned to increased awareness of her conditions across the globe. 5 years later, Jessica now leads the Spoonie team; an army of chronic illness sufferers, designers and campaigners.

What we do?



Our passion for the spoonie community, combined with our desire to dress, outfit and equip all of those who suffer from chronic illness, means that we understand and recognise the issues that you face every-day and are in a position to help. We want our products to turn those frowns up-side down and transform that flare up into a snuggle up. We aim to shout from the rooftops about the invisible chronic illness world and tear down the stigma associated with long-term disease and conditions. We want our logo to be seen as an icon of awareness for our community and to allow us to fight the fight, together.