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Hello From Spoonie!

Hello from the Spoonie, I thought it would be an ideal space to talk about where Spoonie.co.uk originated from! WELL… spoonie was born from a very lost girl, who felt like her life was spiralling out of control. It came from a girl who was adamant that this Is not how life should be. There are many illnesses that fall under the Spoonie banner. Mine run from an array of autoimmune, dysautonomia, connective and musculoskeletal issues, gynaecological, neurological and finally gastrological too!! YES There are a few. All of the above is INVISIBLE. Meaning that to look at me I look “fine” meaning that my illness, my bad days and my coping is always questioned by EVERYONE.

Spoonie.co.uk is all about screaming from the rooftops about who we are, what our conditions are ultimately that there is a whole invisible world of incredible souls battling through a minefield of troubling, stressful, painful and exhausting conditions of which are massively under researched, a lot barely understood or MASSIVELY Misunderstood!

SO Spoonie.co.uk is designed to make people see a selfie or see you out in the shops and say hmmmm…what is Spoonie and as if by magic they are catapulted into our incredible community but are also made aware of who we are, what we stand for and that we are NOT invisible.  Plus you look pretty cute in your Spoonie wear whilst doing all of this too… who doesn’t want to look fatigue chic.

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